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Forever Factors

  • Forever Factors


    We will explore our five Forever Factors throughout the course of the year in Social Studies. The Forever Factors are used as a guide for students to understand our major units of study. Here is some more information about the Forever Factors.


    Geography: Children will be able to locate places using maps and globes. Students will learn about different bodies of water and types of landforms. They will learn where people live and how they live in these areas.

    Culture: We will study ways in which people interact with each other.

    Technology: We define technology as a manmade object that helps a person complete a task. We will look at technology from the past as well as technology that we use on a daily basis.

    Politics: How groups of people are organized and communicate with each other.

    Economics: The decisions and choices we make affect our lives. Students will understand cause and effect. Students will also learn the difference between a need and a want.